Graphic Designer

We are looking for a Graphic Designer who is an eager and highly-motivated individual to be part of our professional team.

 - 20 - 35 years old.
 - Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design or related field.
 - Proficient in Mac OS and Adobe creative program : Photoshop, Illustrator, and Lightroom.
 - Good creativity and presentation skills.
 - Knowledge on marketing, corporate identity, and advertisements.
 - Ability to operate under pressure, and meeting deadlines given.
 - Interpersonal skills – active listening, teamwork, responsibilities, motivation, and flexibility.

 - Handle graphic designing for advertisements, marketing and sales purposes.
 - Handle graphic designing for all types of marketing materials such as advertisements, branding campaigns, promotional campaigns, etc.
 - Develop visual assets and bring a unique personality of brand to offline media.

 - Preparations of high-quality graphic designs for corporate and brand marketing communications.
 - Photography of products.

 - Complete projects by coordinating with both internal and external teams as necessary.

Employee Welfare
 - Annual Bonus
 - Performance Bonus
 - Salary Increment Plan
 - End-Year Party
 - Social Security
 - Overtime Wage
 - Foods, Drinks And Snacks
 - Skills Development
 - Corporate Discounts

Caseharden Co., Ltd. (Head Office) is located at Townplus Prachauthit, Prachauthit Rd, Thung Kru Subdistrict, Thung Kru District, Bangkok, 10140.
Monday - Saturday Operating Hours 9.00 - 18.00

Interested applicants, please submit your resume and Portfolio with a recent photo and expected salary to

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